Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skeptics, Debunkers and Believers

Mac Tonnies on skepticism, disbelief and belief.
Cults, governments, advertisers, religions, schools, and the news media have an abiding interest in infecting you with their beliefs. If you're not vigilantly skeptical, it’s all too easy to succumb. The moment you do, you trap yourself in a given “reality tunnel”. The Earth of the early 21st century is a deceiving, perilous place, and we may ultimately pay for the luxury of our zealously guarded tunnel realities with our own extinction. Wrench your mind out of its routines. Eviscerate your most cherished notions, leaving “belief” severed and twitching on the dissection tray where it belongs. And the invisible fog begins to part; the idiot chatter of our collective human television channel (all ads, all day) fades to a whisper somewhere in the distance.
Read his entire essay here.

Paul Kimball

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Greg said...

Couldn't have said it better myself (and I've tried!) Long live the Mac.