Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walkabout - Český Krumlov, June 2009

After three weeks visiting England and Scotland in May, 2009, I flew to the Czech Republic where I spent the last week and a half of my vacation. For most of the time I was based in Prague, with day trips to places like Kutna Hora and Terezin, but I also spent a couple of days in Český Krumlov, a beautiful town and UNESCO World Heritage Site about three hours south of Prague best known for the fine architecture and art of the historic old town and Český Krumlov Castle.

Here are some of the photos from my walkabouts during those wonderful two days.

The train station.

The sign for the inn, or "pension", at which I stayed.

The pension. It was like staying in a wizard's tower!

The castle.

One of the many streets.

A hotel near the town square.

Town square.

Having lunch at a restaurant overlooking the town square.

The Horor Bar was my bar of choice for late night
carousing while I was in Český Krumlov. It never closes!

A unique fountain.

View of Český Krumlov from the Castle tower.

Another look from the tower.

Yours truly on the balcony of the tower.

Another view of the Castle.

Inside the Castle, they had a really unique underground
gallery with an equally unique exhibit.

This exhibit reminded me of something
out of classic Star Trek!

You don't want to know what this
piece reminded me of!!

On the castle walls.

One of the many winding alleyways.

Self portrait.

A wonderful antique shop that I spent at
least half an hour browsing through.

Statue of Christ on Lazebnický Bridge.

As an afficiando of teddy bears, I popped into this
wonderful shop... and picked up a couple of new friends.

Dinner at a riverfront restaurant, which a touch
of Americana (Pepsi) and a locally-made toy
that I bought for a friend in Canada.

The restaurants on the river.

Another view of the castle.

Another charming and friendly little bar.

Český Krumlov at night.

The castle at night.

Town square at night.

If you ever get the chance to visit Český Krumlov, make sure you take it - it's a true adventure, full of history, mystery, great bars and restaurants, and, perhaps best of all, nooks and crannies that hold all sorts of surprises.

Paul Kimball

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Okeanos Secretus said...

Great photos. I especially loved the castle and 'classic Star trek' shots. This post has inspired me to go make the time to 'get out of Dodge', I need a little fresh air.