Monday, September 12, 2011

Walkabout - Prince Edward Island, 2011

Over the forty-four years of my life, I've spent most of my time in my home province of Nova Scotia, but I've also spent significant periods of time in other places - a year studying in Scotland, many trips to California (and the American southwest in general), New Brunswick, where my folks are originally from (particularly when I was a kid)... and Prince Edward Island, which is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. This past weekend, I was over there yet again on a short holiday, and I took the time for a walkabout on some of the famous beaches on the north shore of the Island, followed by dinner at one of my favourite restaurants.

The Dalvay-by-the-Sea resort, which is a great
place to sit back, relax and enjoy tea.

Dalvay beach, looking east towards the setting sun.

The piping plover, which is an endangered species,
trotting along the water's edge at Dalvay Beach.

Someone left this giant lobster sand
drawing at Dalvay Beach.

Dalvay Beach.

Cymbria, a small community halfway between Dalvay Beach
and Cavendish Beach. It has a nice golf course nearby (Rustico resort)
and a campground that my family stayed at years ago.

The boardwalk leading up to Cavendish Beach.

Setting sun over dunes, Cavendish Beach.

Setting sun at Cavendish Beach.

Setting sun at Cavendish Beach.

Setting sun, dunes and sand castle at Cavendish Beach.

Shadowy self-portrait, Cavendish Beach.

The sun sets over the dunes at Cavendish Beach.

Yours truly enjoying the sunset at Cavendish Beach.

The Clyde River outside the Prince Edward Island
Preserve Company, in New Glasgow.

My friend Linda heads into the Preserve Company, where we
had dinner at the Café on the Clyde, one of my favourite restaurants.

Inside the Café on the Clyde - it closed at 8 pm, and we got
there at 7:57 pm... but the friendly staff were still more
than happy to seat us for dinner.

One of my favourite meals anywhere, the Potato Pie with
maple bacon sauce at the Café on the Clyde. Normally it
comes with a choice of salad, but I substituted a side order
of vegetables, including some roasted PEI potatoes...
because there's no food I love more than potatoes!

Linda had the fish cakes with salad, which was almost as
delicious as the potato pie.

For dessert, I couldn't resist the coconut cream pie, which
was absolutely wonderful.

In casse you're wondering how far away the
Café on the Clyde is from you, the folks at the
Prince Edward Island Preserve Company have
erected this handy sign in the parking lot!

A final look at the lovely Clyde River at dusk.
There are good days, and there are great days... and then there are Prince Edward Island days, which are about as close to perfection as you can find.

Paul Kimball 

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