Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walkabout - Hillwalking on the Isle of Mull, 2009

Looking up the hill.

Looking across from the peak.

Looking down at the road.

A Walden moment.

The bay beyond.
In May, 2009, on a drive back to Tobermory from the Isle of Iona, along the western side of the Isle of Mull in Scotland, I just stopped the car at a random spot with a great view, hopped out, and headed up a large hill that wasn't quite a mountain. The view as the sun set was spectacular, as I expected it would be, and the hike was well worth the effort - as always!

Paul Kimball


Okeanos Secretus said...

Absolutely stunning.

Greg said...

I see your wonderful pictures and all I can think is, "That would be a great place to paraglide!"

Paul Kimball said...

Never thought of it that way, but you're probably right - given what I know about paragliding, I can't say for sure, but it looked similar to the kinds of places you use in California, at least in terms of topography. The difference is that it's so isolated that you might have a bit of trouble getting your rig to a useful launch point. :-)

But it's the isolation that I find charming. Blessed solitude...


Paul Kimball said...


It would be even more stunning if I had included a photo of my travel companion on that trip. ;-)


Okeanos Secretus said...

I bet!!! :P
Travel companions can be like accessories that compliment your destination, and overall experience.