Thursday, September 1, 2011

Filmmaking 101, Vol. III

"I loved acting, which was never about money, the fame. It was about a search for meaning. It was painful." - Kim Novak

I've always been a fan of Kim Novak, perhaps because Vertigo is one of my favourite films. I think she hit the essence of acting spot on. I knew an actor once who, when I asked her why she had taken up acting, said it was because she wanted to be famous. I told her she might get the fame part someday if she was lucky, but she would never be an actor.

Paul Kimball

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Dia Sobin said...

Kim Novac and Jimmy Stewart were dynamite on the screen together. Vertigo was phenomenal, but my favorite was "Bell, Book and Candle" - what an insanely great cast was in that one!

Thanks for all these wonderful homages to the classic actors and actresses, Paul. I grew up watching them and It's a joy to see them all again. They all had such strong dynamic character that, compared to their contemporary counterparts, they almost seem archetypal.