Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liberators: Paul Davids

Lightning at Courthouse by Paul Davids, 2000

My friend Paul Davids, besides being a successful film producer / writer / director, and a talented amateur magician, is also a wonderful artist. Lightning at Courthouse was painted in 2000. Everyone always gets their own thoughts and feelings from a painting, of course. With this one, I love in particular Paul's use of vibrant colours to bring out the intensity of the moment, which for me evokes the memory a drive through Northern New Mexico in 2004 with my brother Jim, and the thunderstorm that struck as if hurled from Zeus himself as we drove through the mountains and down into the plains near Cimarron.

Paul Kimball

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Okeanos Secretus said...

The colour scheme is fabulous! Had I not read the title of this painting, I would have interpreted as some sort of ailment and inflicts and cripples the human body ( can see a lightning bolt strike a body that appears to be crawling at the pace of death). Interesting piece!