Thursday, July 14, 2011

True Love Ways - Darkest Hour

Here I am performing my song "Darkest Hour" in Williams, Arizona, in September, 2007.

"There's a vision
from the edge
it comes to you
as you lie asleep
in your bed.

You feel alone
you're unable to move
you've been wounded
by the things
that he's said.

I wish I could share
this hurt
and take your pain away
or at least be your comfort
when you awake.

It's 3 am
still hours from light
the darkest moment
of the soul.

I want to be
with you tonight
to give you
to give you
someone to hold."

What is love, at its core?


Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

I remember when you first posted this song - so glad you posted the lyrics to it :) KMM ( I really should re-sign up for the blogger society so I am not always posting as anonymous) KMM

Paul Kimball said...

Yes, rejoin Blogger... the Collective wishes to assimilate you!!