Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This performance film I made for Bravo in 2007 featured pianist Heather Schmidt and cellist Shauna Rolston, talking about their friendship and creative collaboration, and performing music written by Schmidt, including a piece I specifically commissioned for the film titled "Synchronicity".

Heather and Shauna also talk about how they "fit together". I've always wondered whether these kinds of things are just coincidences, or whether there might be something more at work. Do we just get lucky when we meet people with whom we have a connection, or do we meet these people for a reason? Perhaps, if you give any credence to the idea of reincarnation, we travel through our "lives" linked to the same group of people, each of us fulfilling a different role in the next life (my dad, for example, might be my son or daughter in the next life, or my best pal). Maybe that's why, when you first meet someone and feel like you've known them your whole life, you have - just not this "life", but one before... or, if you see time not as a linear construct but more of a circle, then perhaps a "life" still to come.

That would be the ultimate synchronicity.

Paul Kimball

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Okeanos Secretus said...

I believe there has to be something 'more' to instant connections when it comes to relationships. I cant explain what it is. Give me a bottle of Grand Marnier and a few hours and I could propose different theories. I have no proof, but I believe there is more at work than meets the eye.