Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paulitics 101 - The "phone hacking scandal" is just a symptom

If the media and politicians had any real integrity, the story wouldn't be about phone hacking - it would be about the government-sanctioned media consolidation that has allowed people like Rupert Murdoch and groups like News Corp. to have so much power in the first place.

The phone hacking scandal is a symptom; the disease are the multimedia monopolies that since the 1980s have grown ever bigger, more powerful, and wealthy, and have in the process worked hand in hand with multinational corporations to decimate the middle class, stifle independent voices, and undermine our democratic system - all in the name of profit.

It's time for our elected representatives to stop equating what is good for business with the good of the people - and it's time for people to hold them to account, not just every four or five years at election time, but through regular, informed and meaningful participation in the political and civic process.

Paul Kimball

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