Tuesday, July 19, 2011


One of my most overtly political songs.

"Half-turned sods of hallowed ground,
tabled, filed under lost and found,
weighted down and then strung up
a pleasant walk to the scaffold.

Hangman's noose on a threadbare throat
he mouths some words but none come out,
That's all right, no-one's listening
That's okay, no-one's listening.

We're all gone away, lost again
watching monuments twist in the wind,
Jefferson was a passing phase
now it all hangs on the turn of a phrase.

Placebo cure for the rotting ghost
those with the least told that they have the most,
bargained away and then discarded
a pleasant walk to the graveyard.


Open hole swallows fish-tail mind
deposits the same by the no exit sign,
entrance come and gone, no-one's here
entrance come and gone, no-one's here."

We don't even know what the real momuments are anymore (hint: they're not made of marble, and stone, or anything else we can see or touch), because we're so busy worshiping at the altar of the false ones that we've created to justify a society that's lost its way.

Which reminds me... I watched the excellent documentary Reagan this evening. If only every American would do the same.

Paul Kimball

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