Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fall Well

"Ten thousand liars
tell ten thosuand lies
and then they whisper
silent goodbyes,
Ten thousand prophets
tell ten thousand tales
they put Revelations
on the auction block for sale,
stranged, stranged
we've been stranged...

Ten thousand saviours
on ten thousand TVs
offer salvation
for a nominal fee,
Ten thousand sailors
on ten thousand ships
out on the ocean
alone and adrift,
stranged, stranged
we've been stranged...

Ten thousand opiates
cloud ten thousand minds
never allowing them
to seek what they must find,
stranged, stranged
we've been stranged."

Of all the songs that I wrote in the 1990s, this is the one that seems the most relevant today. "Reality" television (or, as it's often known now, "factual programming"), "news" channels that don't tell us anything about what's really happening in the world, Michael Bay "filmmaking", conspicuous consumption raised to a virtual religion...  the opiates get more powerful and ingrained with each passing year, and we just keep falling for it all.

The only silver lining is that I don't think we've reached terminal velocity yet, but we're accelerating... and the ground is getting closer.

Paul Kimball


Greg said...

Particularly like those lyrics, Paul.

Paul Kimball said...

Thanks. They were always among my favourites.