Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Afraid

"All afraid
alone, cemetery heart,
prudence hasn't paid
mistake from the very start,
and you sit and stare
and you sit and stare,
but there's no-one there
but there's no-one there.

All afraid
where do you go from here,
patience hasn't paid
can someone die of fear,
you sit and look around
you sit and look around,
every sight betrays a sound
every sight betrays a sound.

What are you so afraid of
what has brought you to this state,
where are your natural emotions?
You're such a sad, sad thing
you're such a sad, sad thing.

All afraid
you feel your back against the wall
caution hasn't paid
its set you up just to fall

You sit around with your rope
your sit around with your rope
one loose knot and no hope
one loose knot and no hope."

I think we're tying those loose knots in our metaphorical ropes, each and every day. The ones who use the real ropes are perhaps just a bit more honest about it all.

Paul Kimball

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